Possessing a structure comprising contiguous elements with one or more dimension in the nanoscale but excluding any primary atomic or molecular structure.

NOTE 1 An example of a primary atomic or molecular structure is the arrangement of atoms in a crystalline solid.

NOTE 2 The use of the term contiguous implies that a sphere, of approximately 100 nm diameter, inscribed in a nanostructured material will intersect more than one element of the structure.

ASTM International. E 2456-06. Terminology for Nanotechnology

Nanostructured, adj-containing physically or chemically distinguishable components, at least one of which is nanoscale in one or more dimensions.

DISCUSSION-While many conventional nanomaterials are distinguished by physical or chemical characteristics, biological recognition may also be the basis for defining a nanostructure. Though this concept is formally contained by the word ‘chemically' such a feature would lead to a distinctive type of nanostructured system.

BSI. PAS 133:2007. Terminology for nanoscale measurement and instrumentation

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