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UCLA chemists devise technology that could transform solar energy storage /june 25, 2015
The materials in most of todays residential rooftop solar panels can store energy from the sun for only a few microseconds at a time. A new technology developed by chemists at UCLA is capable of storing solar energy for up to several weeks an advance that could change the way scientists think about designing solar cells.

Single-molecule electric car taken for test drive /november 18, 2011
Scientists have shown off what can be described as the world s smallest electric car - made of a single, carefully designed molecule.

Future computers could rewire themselves /november 15, 2011
Future microchips may have only one type of component, capable of rewiring itself to do different jobs

Southampton scientists probe link between diesel and bee decline /october 28, 2011
Possible links between diesel fumes and collapsing honey bee colonies are being investigated by scientists.

World s smallest periodic table created in Nottingham /october 25, 2011
Experts at the Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Centre used an imaging microscope and a beam of accelerated ions to etch the table on the hair, belonging to chemistry professor Martyn Poliakoff. Guinness World Records has confirmed the table, which scientists said could fit on a Post-It note a million times, is the smallest ever written.

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